Tenant Representation

We get many calls on our listings from business owners searching for space and our first question is always - “Are you working with a Broker, and if not why?”

Engaging a professional team like Gold Group Realty to help conduct a professional search for your business to relocate and grow to should be an easy decision. We’ve got access to the top databases for commercial real estate in the Twin Cities, a vast network of brokers and typically the service comes at no cost to you, the Tenant.

Our team services clients in all industries, whether you are seeking office, industrial, retail space or ground leases. We work to understand your business needs and will help negotiate the best terms for success.

18315 Minnetonka Boulevard

Wayzata, MN

Bridget and Sue were both in the market for the perfect space so that they could take their businesses out of their home and into a customer-centric locale.  While the building was under construction, we helped our clients negotiate their first leases with the build out of space that only existed in their dreams previously.  Their highly personalized showroom and photography studio have helped take their businesses to the next level!

235 Red Fox Road

Arden Hills, MN

Alex and Josh had been operating their garage door repair and replacement business out of their own garages for several years.  Finally ready to make the move to one central location, they engaged Gold Group Realty to help them identify their options.  Within a matter of weeks we identified space in a new construction building that was perfectly suited for their needs.  Their warehouse layout allows them to efficiently move product so they can keep their employees moving and help serve their customers timely!

5610 International Pkwy

New Hope, MN

Jay and Sue had been seeking an opportunity to expand their healthy snack business for several months when they got connected with Gold Group Realty.  Like all growing businesses, they were focused on finding a budget-friendly space that would provide enough space to grow into.  We helped them secure warehouse and office space that will serve as their headquarters for years to come.  Check out Kakookies at your local health grocer!